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RandsLaw has experienced family attorneys in all areas of family law who strive to help you resolve your past, while preserving your future. These matters often are very emotionally charged and personal to our clients. This is where compassionate representation often proves most valuable. At RandsLaw we will work with you to accomplish your short and long-term goals. Contact us today to get more information on how we can help.


Divorce Lawyers

A divorce can be a stressful experience—whether it’s contested or uncontested.  Our Divorce Lawyers take a compassionate approach that can alleviate some of that emotional burden.  With the right legal counsel, you can avoid needless stress and extensive costs. In divorce proceedings, you need a steady and experienced Divorce Lawyer to help you navigate settlement negotiations and trial.  This will bring you much needed peace of mind.

We make every reasonable attempt to settle a case once adequate discovery has been exchanged. Most family law cases are won or lost before the parties enter the courtroom. At RandsLaw, our Divorce Lawyers take the time to understand the details and factors involved in each unique case—rather than treating you just as a “case” to be filed. 

Whether your divorce involves complex assets or child custody issues, we know how to guide you through these matters with your rights protected, ready for the next chapter in life. Don't wait to discover your personalized strategies for a fair resolution; take the first step now with a compassionate family law lawyer on your side.


Don't wait to discover your personalized strategies for a fair resolution; take the first step now with a compassionate family law lawyer on your side.

Custody Lawyers

Nothing is more important than securing a custody and visitation schedule that is in your child’s best interests. RandsLaw professionals are veterans of many tough custody battles, fighting on behalf of mothers and fathers in custody cases across Idaho. Let us help you when you need it the most.

Helping You Provide the Best

It is important that parents have an active role in the lives of their children and provide them with the necessities of life. As your advocates, RandsLaw attorneys can use their experience to help you achieve the best interests of your children. Custody litigation lends itself to contention and is often both time-consuming and expensive.


As your attorneys, we can help you negotiate for an agreeable compromise to try to avoid protracted and expensive litigation. If that is not possible, however, we are ready and willing to effectively and aggressively pursue your interests in court.

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