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Helping you Find a Plan

RandsLaw's estate attorneys plan solutions and resolutions both before and after death. A well-developed estate plan can save your loved ones additional headache and heartache following death. Likewise, after a loved one passes away, RandsLaw can help resolve outstanding estate issues so we can ensure a smooth succession.

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Estate Planning

The death of a family member always brings sadness and change. Mourners do not need legal headaches on top of their grief. The best way to avoid legal hassles following a person’s death is to do simple planning and preparation. RandsLaw estate attorneys can help you draft a will and perform estate planning, so we can ease the transition and transfer of property following your death. Sometimes, a trust may be helpful, but is often not necessary in Idaho. RandsLaw professional estate attorneys can help you know when and how to use these tools that are available to you. We strive to bring you peace of mind so that you know your family is provided for after you pass.

A comprehensive estate plan consists of several documents working in conjunction.
These documents can include:

  • Wills

    Wills are typically used to specify the distribution of physical assets.

  • Trusts

    Trusts are typically used to specify the distribution of money and can include special-needs trusts.

  • Powers of Attorney

    These documents are designed to identify a proxy who can make either financial or health care decisions if you have lost the capacity to do so yourself.

  • Health Care Directives

    Through an advance health care directive, individuals can state end-of-life decisions.

Consider the Future

No matter your age, health or wealth, it is crucial to consider your estate plan. Having these documents in place can help your surviving loved ones avoid unnecessary disputes. Often times, these disputes regard property transfer or other disagreements about the distribution of assets.  We understand that it can be difficult to consider end-of-life decisions, but it is an essential step to ease the heartache of loved ones.  Contact RandsLaw today for a consultation and ask about our flat-fee estate planning offerings.


To put it simply, probate is the process of obtaining a court order to distribute the assets of a deceased person. Probate carries a stigma from other states of being expensive and complicated. That is not necessarily the case in Idaho.

The Goal

The goal of probate is to distribute assets and settle financial affairs. Whether you are the administrator, a beneficiary, or a creditor, our goal is to keep your rights and interests protected during this process. This is especially crucial for administrators of the estate because you have enhanced (fiduciary) duties to those who are interested in the estate.

Regardless of whether there is a will, is necessary to identify and inventory the assets that are available for distribution.

Some assets may pass directly to a co-owner after death. Others may pass outside of the decedent’s estate such as insurance proceeds.
The probate laws and procedures can often confuse grieving family members. Consult with RandsLaw professionals today to understand the requirements of probate in Idaho and the avenues available to finalize the affairs of your departed loved one.

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