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RandsLaw attorneys represent both landlords and tenants in all legal issues involving residential, commercial and agricultural leases. This experience represents clients on both sides, so you have greater confidence and ability to focus on your goals and the steps necessary to achieve them.

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Landlord Representation

Owning and managing real property represents a substantial investment, so protecting that investment is crucial. We protect your investments by ensuring you have well-crafted leases and that your tenants abide by the terms of the lease. RandsLaw attorneys have been landlords themselves, so we know the pressures that landlords can feel as costs rise and profits diminish.

We understand the stress of a tenant falling behind on their obligations, whether its one time or repeatedly.


Let us help you get the situation back under control.  Our approach will allow you to protect your investment and get it back on the sure path to prosperity.  If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of leasing to a tenant who is not abiding by the lease, call us today to discuss how we can assist you.

Tenant Representation

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RandsLaw attorneys also understand the pressures faced by tenants.  Landlords can be delinquent on performing their responsibilities, whether it's making required repairs or returning deposits.  The law allows certain protections to tenants, but you have to navigate them carefully.  RandsLaw attorneys are experienced in assisting tenants protect themselves and their families during these times. 

Whether you need help negotiating with you landlord to avoid eviction or you need help seeking recourse from an unsavory landlord who is violating your rights, we can help you keep your family secure.

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