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RandsLaw is the premier Twin Falls Attorneys. We can’t list every possible legal scenario handled by RandsLaw, so if you don’t see the area you’re looking for, give our lawyers a call. We’ll be able to tell you more accurately if we can assist you, or hopefully refer you to someone who can. At RandsLaw, our general practice areas include:

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Protecting your Property.
Advancing your Interests.
Defending your Rights.

Whether it’s your business or your personal life, what you have built is worth preserving. Legal problems can devastate your dreams. That is where RandsLaw comes in. Our lawyers apply our legal experience so we can bridge the divide between where you are and where you want to be. You deserve to have legal peace of mind and our lawyers are here to make sure that is your reality.

Tyler Rands, an attorney/lawyer in Twin Falls, Idaho founder of the firm RandsLaw.

Tyler Rands

Kirk Melton, an attorney/lawyer in Twin Falls, Idaho working for the firm RandsLaw.

Kirk Melton

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Whatever your legal issue, we have solutions. If you need business planning or estate planning to secure your present or future interests, our general practice Twin Falls Attorneys will work with you to establish a legal framework that accomplishes just that. Contracts can be confusing, and we help you understand what is at stake. Protecting you and your business is a major concern of Contracts Law. In the case that you’ve been injured, our lawyers will help you navigate difficult insurance issues to obtain full compensation. In the event that you’ve been sued or need to file a lawsuit, RandLaw will advise you of your legal rights and opportunities to achieve your desired legal objectives. 

RandLaw walks with you - We talk with you - Our lawyers work with you.

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Divorce lawyers serve any number of purposes, such as using their skills and knowledge to make sure you are treated fairly in the divorce proceedings, which aligns with your family’s best interest. This is important, especially when dealing with children in the family. For additional reasons for a divorce lawyer, visit our page.